13 FAQs About Types, How to Have One, and More

No, “female orgasm” is an all-encompassing term for any type of orgasm related to female genitalia.

It could be clitoral, vaginal, even cervical — or a mix of all three. That said, your genitalia isn’t your only option when it comes to achieving the big O.

For tips on how to move and where to touch it, read on.

A clitoral orgasm can be caused by direct or indirect stimulation to the clitoris. When you get your rub on just right, you’ll feel the sensation build in your pleasure bud and peak.

Try this

A small vibrator, your palm, and fingers can all be used to help you experience a clitoral pleasure.

Start by ensuring your clitoris has a good amount of water and then gently rub it in a side to side or up-and down motion.

When it feels good, increase the pressure and repeat the motion.

To increase your pleasure, add more pressure to the motion.

Even though few people can climax using only vaginal stimulation, it is possible to have fun!

If you’re able to make it happen, prepare for an intense climax that can be felt deep inside your body.

The anterior fornix, also known as A-spot, is found in the front vaginal wall.

Research from the past suggests that stimulating A-spot may result in intense lubrication or even orgasm.

Try this

A sex toy or fingers should suffice. Since the pleasure comes from the vaginal walls, you’ll want to experiment with width. You can do this by inserting a few extra fingers into your vagina or using a sexy toy with more girth.

You can stimulate the A spot by focusing the pressure on your front wall and allowing your fingers to slide in and out. Keep the pressure at the lowest and most pleasant level and enjoy the ride.

The potential for cervical stimulation to cause a full-body euphoria that can send waves from your head to the tips of your toes.

This is an endless orgasm, which can go on for quite some time.

Reaching your cervix (lower end of your abdomen) means that you have to go in deep.

This is how it works

Relaxing and being aroused are key ingredients to having a cervical sex. Let your imagination run wild, rub your clitoris, and let your partner do the foreplay.

Deep penetration is possible in the doggy-style position. You can also use a partner or a toy that penetrates deeply.

Slowly start, then slowly work your way deeper until it feels right. Keep going so that the pleasure continues to build.

Combination orgasm is possible by pleasuring both your vagina and your clitoris simultaneously.

It was a powerful climax you could feel inside and outside.

Add some erogenous zones and you can multiply your combo.

Try this

To double your pleasure, use both hands or combine fingers with sex toys. Rabbit vibrators are perfect for mastering combo orgasm. They stimulate the clitoris, vagina, and genital areas simultaneously.

You can use parallel rhythms with your vagina and clitoris. Or, you can switch it up and do fast clitoral actions and slow vaginal penetration.

The genitals are awesome, but they’re not your only option. There are many erogenous areas in your body that have orgasmic potential.


You can feel great when you play with your nipples.

A 2011 study found that stimulating your genital sensory cortex with your nipples can set it ablaze. This area of the brain is also activated by clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

According to some, nipple orgasms sneak up on you and then explode in waves full-body pleasure. Yes, please!

You might also like: Use your hands for caressing and pressing your breasts and other body parts.

Move on to teasing your areola by tracing it with your fingertips until you’re really turned on, then show your nipples some love by rubbing and pinching them until you reach maximum pleasure.


You don’t need to have a prostate to have an anal orgasm. Anal play is enjoyable for everyone if there’s enough lube available and you take your time.

You can also stimulate the G-spot indirectly by using a finger or sextoy.

You might also like: Use your fingertips to apply a lot of lube and massage it all over your anus. This won’t just lube you up — it’ll also help get you ready for anal play.

Then, massage the inside and outside of the opening. Next, insert your sexy toy or finger slowly and gently into your anus. Begin by moving in a gentle in-and-out motion. Next, move in a circular motion. Alternate between these two motions and then increase your speed as your enjoyment grows.

Erogenous zones

Your body is truly a paradise. The neck, ears and lower back are rich in erotically charged nerve ends that beckon to be touched.

We can’t say exactly which parts of your body will drive you to the brink, but we can tell you that everyone has erogenous zones, and finding them is definitely worth the effort.

You might also like: Take a feather or silky scarf and use it to find your body’s most sensitive areas.

You can relax and get naked to focus on every tingle. Keep an eye out for these areas and experiment with sensations such as pinching or squeezing.

Practice is the best medicine, so take pleasure in these areas and work hard to improve your skills.

The G spot is an area located along your vaginal wall. If stimulated, it can result in a very intense and wet orgasm.

The best way to hit it is with your fingers or a G-spot vibrator. For the best angle, squatting is the best option.

You might also like:To insert your toy or fingers into your vagina, squat until your back touches your knees. Curl your fingers up toward your belly button and move them in a “come here” motion.

If you happen to find an area that feels especially good, keep going — even if you feel like you have to pee — and enjoy the full-body release.

Each body is unique, as are their orgasms. Some are more intense then others. Some last longer than other. Some are more wet than others.

Orgasm can be described as:

  • You can see the rapid contractions in your uterus and vagina.
  • Involuntary muscle contractions may occur in other parts of the body, such as your abdomen and feet.
  • Your heart rate and breathing speed increase.
  • Your blood pressure will rise.

It is possible to feel a sudden release of sexual tension or even an ejaculate.

It may be surprising, but they’re not all that different.

Both of these involve an increase in blood flow to the genitals and faster breathing.

Where they typically differ is in duration and recovery — also known as afterglow.

Female orgasms can also last longer and may last between 13 and 51 seconds, on average. Male orgasms, however, usually last 10 to 30 second.

If stimulated again, people with a vagina may experience more orgasms.

People who have a penis usually experience a refractory stage. Orgasms aren’t possible during this period, which can last from minutes to days.

People who have a clitoris might also experience a similar phase. Study of 174 students from universities in 2009 found that 96% of the female participants felt hypersensitive to the clitoris after orgasm.

Keep in mind that the refractory phase’s range varies from one person to the next. Your individual experience is unique.

Then there’s ejaculation. Contractions force semen into the urine and out of the penis for people with penis. And speaking of ejaculation…

Yes! And it’s a fairly common thing.

A 2013 study on female ejaculation revealed that between 10 and 54% of participants had experienced orgasm during ejaculation.

Ejaculation refers to fluid being expelled from the urethral area during orgasm, or sexual arousal.

The ejaculate (or ejaculate) is a thick, white fluid that looks like milk. It has some of the same components that semen.

The orgasm gap is the difference between male and female heterosexual sex. Those with female genitalia get the shorter end of this stick.

A study in 2018 on heterosexual newwed couples that examined orgasms revealed that 87 per cent of husbands and 49 per cent of wives experienced sexual activity during their orgasms.

What is the reason for this gap? Researchers don’t know for certain. It could be biological. Others blame cultural and societal factors and lack of education in pleasure.

You may have a clitoris, a vagina or both. But you also know that real-life orgasms are often quite different from what you see on TV.

You should first let go of all the stress and just enjoy being you.

In this case, it is all about the journey and less about the destination.

Instead, take some time to get to understand your body and focus on how it feels.

It may be helpful for you to:

  • get comfy somewhere you won’t be interrupted or distracted, like in your bed or the bath
  • To get in the mood, you can read an erotic tale or use your imagination.
  • Massage the fleshy region above your clitoris along with the outer and inner lips your vulva, until you start to get wet.
  • Start by rubbing your clitoris on the hood. Find a rhythm that feels good
  • You can rub harder and faster to intensify the sensation. Keep at it until your orgasm!

If you don’t orgasm, you can always try again. Try new things to find out what you like and how to have fun.

Some people orgasm more easily than others, so not having one doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong.

If you feel like you’re having trouble climaxing or have other concerns, see a doctor or other healthcare professional who specializes in sexual health.

They are available to answer your questions and can make recommendations.

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