9 Pressure Points for Sinus Issues

Acupressure is a technique to assist relieve sinus strain and different signs. This conventional remedy relies on the identical strategies as acupuncture — it even makes use of the identical factors.

However as a substitute of needles, strain is positioned at sure factors in your face and physique utilizing your fingers and fingers.

Acupuncture is used to deal with continual sinus strain and different signs.

Analysis from 2006 discovered that about 99 p.c of acupuncturists in america deal with sinus issues. Equally, the Cleveland Clinic recommends utilizing acupressure to alleviate sinus strain resulting from allergy symptoms.

Whereas extra analysis is required on utilizing acupressure to deal with sinus signs, this observe might assist enhance blood movement, loosen up muscle groups, and assist mucus drain from the sinuses.

You are able to do acupressure for sinus signs on your self. It solely takes a couple of minutes.

  1. Use a mirror that will help you discover the factors in your face.
  2. Apply agency however light strain on the factors for no less than 3 minutes every. You should use your fingers, thumbs, or a skinny, blunt object, just like the eraser tip of a pencil.
  3. Repeat all through the day for a number of days.

You possibly can press on the acupressure factors or gently rub or rotate your fingers in a round movement over the world.

It’s also possible to get skilled acupressure remedy from an authorized acupuncturist. Some therapeutic massage therapists might also use acupressure factors.

Listed below are the primary acupressure factors for sinus reduction and easy methods to discover them:


The big gut 20 (LI20) acupressure factors are discovered on the face, on each side of the bottom of your nostril. To alleviate sinus strain:

  1. Discover the world the place your nostril joins your cheeks.
  2. Place one finger in your face at both facet of your nostrils and press.


Illustration by Diego Sabogal

The bladder 2 (BL2) strain factors are positioned between the bridge of your nostril and the interior facet of your higher eyelid. To alleviate strain in your sinuses and round your eyes, do that:

  1. Utilizing each fingers, place your index fingers above the bridge of your nostril.
  2. Slide your fingers into the tiny hollows between your eyebrows and nostril.
  3. Relaxation your fingers right here. It’s best to have the ability to really feel the firmness of your forehead bone.


The acupressure level GV24.5 is best often called Yintang. It’s usually referred to as the third eye level as a result of it’s positioned between the eyebrows. This single acupressure level helps to alleviate a stuffy or runny nostril and sinus headache ache. To seek out it:

  1. Place one or two fingers between your eyebrows.
  2. Discover the world simply above the bridge of your nostril, the place your brow connects to the nostril.
  3. Apply strain or rub the world for a couple of minutes.


The small gut 18 (SI18) factors are on each side of your nostril, just under the cheekbones. These factors are used to assist soothe swollen sinuses and a runny nostril. To find them:

  1. Place your index finger from each fingers on the periphery of every eye.
  2. Slide your fingers down till you may really feel the underside of your cheekbones.
  3. This space ought to be about stage with the decrease fringe of your nostril.
  4. Press on these factors on the similar time or one after the other.


The gallbladder 20 (GB20) factors are on the again of your head. They’re positioned within the grooves behind your head, the place your neck muscle groups connect to your head.

These acupressure factors are used for sinus strain signs, like headache and watery eyes, and chilly and flu signs. Right here’s easy methods to discover them:

  1. Clasp your fingers collectively behind your head.
  2. Slide your thumbs up and down to search out the grooves simply behind your ears on the base of your cranium.
  3. Apply strain right here utilizing each of your thumbs.


The He Gu or massive gut 4 (LI4) factors are on the again of your fingers. They’re linked to the massive gut, and will assist to assuage complications and facial ache from sinus issues. Apply strain to the LI4 factors on every of your fingers, one after the other.

The factors are a few half inch from the crease between your thumb and hand. Right here’s easy methods to discover them:

  1. Maintain your hand up in order that the thumb facet is dealing with you.
  2. Discover the world the place your thumb connects to your hand.
  3. Maintain your thumb near your hand. Search for the place the muscle between your thumb and index finger bulges out. One option to discover it’s to convey your thumb up in opposition to your index finger, which is able to trigger a mound to kind on the again of your hand. Place the alternative thumb or one other finger on this mound.
  4. Loosen up your hand once more, and apply strain to this space utilizing the finger of your reverse hand.


The lung meridian 5 (LU5) factors are positioned on the within of every elbow. These factors assist to alleviate sinus congestion and strain, which can assist relieve ache and a runny nostril. The LU5 factors are additionally linked to your lungs and respiratory. To seek out them:

  1. Maintain your arm stretched out in entrance of you in order that your palm is dealing with up.
  2. Discover the crease on the thumb facet of your interior elbow.
  3. That is the place your forearm muscle dips barely because it connects to your elbow.
  4. Press on the world.
  5. Repeat and swap arms.


The lung meridian 9 (LU9) factors could be discovered on the within of every wrist. They’re used to alleviate throat signs from a sinus an infection. Right here’s easy methods to discover them:

  1. Maintain your hand up in entrance of you in order that your palm is dealing with you.
  2. Discover the crease the place your hand connects to the wrist.
  3. Place your finger on the crease just under your thumb.
  4. Repeat and swap fingers.


The liver 3 (Liv3) or Tai Chong strain factors are in your ft, simply again out of your huge toes. They’re linked to your liver and used to alleviate complications and ache round your eyes. To seek out them:

  1. Sit down along with your knees bent and your ft in entrance of you.
  2. Place your finger within the space between your huge toe and the subsequent toe.
  3. Slide your finger up your foot about two finger widths. That is the place the strain level is positioned.
  4. Press at this spot. Apply strain on each ft on the similar time or one after the other.

If you happen to’re pregnant or making an attempt to get pregnant, discuss to your physician earlier than making an attempt acupressure factors. Some strain factors can result in labor.

Utilizing acupressure can typically assist ease ache and different signs straight away. It’s possible you’ll really feel the strain lifting barely as you apply strain on the precise factors.

It’s possible you’ll must proceed the acupressure remedy for a number of days earlier than you are feeling something. Stress shouldn’t be painful or bruise the world.

The sinuses are hole areas or cavities within the bones across the nostril. Your sinuses make mucus or fluid. The mucus drains into your nasal cavity (nostril) and down the again of your throat. This retains your nostril moist and removes mud, allergens, and germs.

There are 4 pairs of sinuses linked to your nostril:

  • within the cheekbones on all sides of your nostril
  • above your eyes close to the brow
  • between the eyes and the bridge of your nostril
  • behind your eyes

Acupressure may help your sinus signs. It might’t remedy a critical an infection. You may nonetheless want antibiotic remedy you probably have a bacterial sinus an infection. A sinus an infection can be attributable to a virus just like the flu or a chilly.

In case your sinus signs are attributable to allergy symptoms, it could assist to keep away from allergen triggers like pollen and mud. Ask your physician about the very best over-the-counter drugs for allergy reduction.

It’s possible you’ll want to use strain on the factors a number of instances a day for a number of days earlier than you discover reduction from sinus signs.

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