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Illustration by Maya Chastain

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In case you’re in search of a option to faucet into your creativity, sensuality, and sexuality, some individuals say to look no farther than your personal physique — particularly, the sacral chakra.

The chakras are believed by some to be power facilities distributed all through the physique, with seven of the primary chakras positioned alongside your backbone.

These wheel-like power factors are related to completely different bodily and emotional capabilities within the human physique, affecting your general well-being.

The second of those essential chakras is the sacral chakra, additionally recognized by some because the “intercourse chakra.” Some individuals consider it:

  • enhances inventive expression
  • improves sexual intimacy
  • will increase instinct

Although there’s no scientific proof to help the existence of the chakras, they’re a part of non secular and non secular perception methods across the globe, together with Buddhism and Hinduism.

The sacral chakra is believed to be positioned beneath the navel, the place the perineum is. It’s mentioned to be related to the intercourse organs and the kidneys, although this isn’t supported by scientific analysis.

It’s additionally related to the water aspect and portrayed as a vibrant orange shade. It’s typically represented by a six-petalled lotus flower.

Some consider this chakra is ruled by Parvati, the Hindu goddess of constancy, fertility, and energy.

“The Sanskrit identify [for the sacral chakra] is Svadhisthana,” says licensed chakra and crystal healer Laura Konst. “The image of the sacral chakra is a moon crescent, which represents the connection between the tides of water and the phases of the moon.”

In Sanskrit, Svadihsthana means “the place your being is established.”

In response to some traditions, the sacral chakra is linked to pleasure, sexuality, and pleasure.

Most of those claims are based mostly on anecdotal proof, non secular texts, and historical traditions, lots of that are nonetheless practiced by thousands and thousands of individuals at this time.

Whereas there’s no scientific proof to help the metaphysical properties of chakras, many cultures and traditions consider that chakra work is helpful.

In response to Candice Covington, creator of “Important Oils in Religious Observe,” the sacral chakra is related to a number of traits.

These embrace:

  • sensuality, sexual intimacy, and giving and receiving pleasure
  • creativity and unstructured expression
  • birthing environments, issues that wax and wane, and the precept of nonpermanence
  • wholesome feelings and the inside baby
  • the divine female
  • synchronicity

Shadow points — or damaging qualities — related to the sacral chakra embrace:

  • wounded feelings
  • secrets and techniques
  • concern of judgment, entering into bother, or being “came upon”
  • repression
  • incapability to expertise emotional or sexual intimacy
  • nightmares and never remembering or understanding goals

“With [overactivity in] this chakra, specifically, you exhibit being consumed by and drowning in feelings, being emotionally tempestuous, and utilizing escapism to keep away from life,” says Covington says.

In response to Covington, indicators of an overactive sacral chakra can embrace:

  • feeling consumed by your feelings, as if drowning in them
  • experiencing emotional ups and downs
  • utilizing escapism to keep away from life
  • exhibiting obsessive affection that isn’t returned
  • partaking in inappropriate expressions of sexuality

Konst says an overactive sacral chakra typically ends in emotional highs and lows.

“Chances are you’ll attempt to retain a way of management by lashing out and exhibiting controlling and manipulating behaviors towards others,” she says. “Imbalances can manifest in each spectrums and result in emotional outbursts or an apathetic and disconnected perspective.”

In response to Konst and Covington, one of many first indicators of a blocked sacral chakra is feelings that really feel unbalanced or off-kilter.

These embrace:

“A closed sacral chakra could make you are feeling indifferent from your personal feelings in addition to the feelings of the individuals round you,” says Konst. “Chances are you’ll really feel remoted and anxious to be alone and lonely. It’s a vicious cycle that may trigger loneliness in addition to nervousness.”

To inform in case your sacral chakra is blocked, Covington advises carefully observing the energies, actions, and traits which are energetic in your life.

“When a chakra is blocked, its power turns into stagnant and your capability to entry the items related to the sacral heart turn into troublesome,” she says. “Its shadow facets are additionally energetic and dominant in your life.”

Many individuals consider chakras can turn into blocked and unbalanced. That is mentioned to have an effect on our bodily and emotional functioning.

Whereas there aren’t any scientifically backed strategies for therapeutic the sacral chakra, one 2018 examine in individuals with substance use issues discovered that complementary and various medication — together with therapeutic power strategies — could also be helpful in treating stress and nervousness.

Although power and chakra therapeutic shouldn’t be relied on alone, they could be a supportive a part of a well-rounded remedy plan.

If you wish to restore steadiness to your sacral chakra, Covington and Konst recommend just a few practices, together with:

Meditation and yoga

Covington says a meditation that invokes the water aspect of the sacral chakra might be extremely highly effective.

“This seemingly easy act will clear the shadow energies and convey the present facets of the sacral chakra into sharp focus to be utilized in your life,” says Covington.

Konst recommends yoga as properly.

“Yoga is a superb apply for chakra therapeutic and plenty of poses particularly join with sure chakras,” she explains. “It’s all about being acutely aware of your physique, breath, and thoughts, and studying to govern the flows of power via your chakras.”

Widespread yoga poses for the sacral chakra embrace:


Affirmations are brief, constructive statements that you simply frequently repeat to change your outlook. Konst says they’re an ideal software for chakra therapeutic.

She suggests the next affirmations to steadiness the sacral chakra:

  • “I belief my emotions. I belief myself.”
  • “I’m protected to precise my sexuality.”
  • “I permit my creativity to movement freely.”

Important oils

Some individuals consider that important oils may help steadiness the chakras.

Totally different oils are mentioned to correspond to completely different power facilities. They’re typically utilized to the pores and skin or added to a shower after being diluted with a provider oil.

Important oils which will assist steadiness the sacral chakra embrace:

Whereas analysis suggests there are well being advantages, the Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t monitor or regulate the purity or high quality of important oils. It’s essential to speak together with your healthcare supplier earlier than you start utilizing important oils.

Remember to analysis the standard of a model’s merchandise. All the time do a patch take a look at earlier than making an attempt a brand new important oil, and observe the proper dosage and dilution. Important oils will not be meant to be ingested and a few are poisonous.

Crystals and stones

Crystals and stones are sometimes utilized in chakra therapeutic work and are normally positioned over the chakra throughout meditation.

Covington recommends utilizing moonstone.

“Moonstone has the uncommon present of bringing what one wants versus what one desires,” she says. “It additionally helps us develop a profound emotional intelligence, a relationship with the deep unconscious, and a connection to the power of the divine female.”

Konst recommends working with the next:

  • Tiger’s eye (particularly gold-colored): for heightening the primal connection and main with braveness
  • Citrine: for manifesting pleasure and changing into reacquainted with life’s easy pleasures
  • Autumn jasper: for compassion and defending your constructive area
  • Carnelian: for unleashing creativity and discovering hidden items
  • Mookalite (aka, Mookaite, particularly red-colored): for embracing change and resolving troublesome conditions


Earlier than therapeutic your sacral chakra, Konst recommends balancing your root chakra. This chakra is positioned on the base of the backbone and is named Muladhara in Sanskrit.

“As soon as your root chakra is balanced, it’s a lot simpler to maneuver on to your sacral chakra,” says Konst. “I’d begin with a mirrored image in your feelings, sexuality, and creativity.”

She additionally factors out that acknowledging your true emotions is a superb first step in any therapeutic work.

Konst suggests choosing one or two crystals that correspond with the sacral chakra, writing down a single affirmation every day for 7 days, and beginning an everyday meditation apply.

Complement the sacral chakra

Covington says eating regimen will also be useful relating to balancing the sacral chakra. Whereas this isn’t supported by science or mainstream vitamin, meals with sure qualities are historically related to specific chakras and components.

Covington suggests consuming meals which have qualities related to the sacral chakra and the water aspect.

In her e-book “Vibrational Vitamin: Understanding the Energetic Signature of Meals,” Covington recommends the next meals for sacral chakra therapeutic:

  • black cherry tomato
  • Padrón pepper
  • peach
  • gala apple
  • mandarin orange
  • mango
  • oyster
  • Venus clam

Different meals may embrace figs or pomegranates, which are sometimes related to fertility in non secular lore. For extra meals ideas, see the FAQs part beneath.

Balancing your chakras is believed to typically lead to a course of referred to as “awakening,” although that is mentioned to be uncommon.

“The time period ‘awakening’ implies that the connection together with your sacral chakra is totally balanced, open, and really robust,” says Konst. When this occurs, “you’ve reached your personal place, your sacred being.”

She believes chances are you’ll discover a shift in your relationships with:

  • individuals
  • animals
  • meals
  • spirituality
  • nature

You may additionally begin to develop:

  • stronger instinct
  • equilibrium in your feelings
  • a rise in your creativity
  • improved emotional well being
  • better sexual intimacy

Extra questions in regards to the sacral chakra? We’ve obtained you lined beneath.

What blocks the sacral chakra?

Sure attitudes or experiences are believed by some to play a job in blocking the sacral chakra.

For example, when you’ve got a persistent perception that you simply don’t belong or that you simply aren’t a inventive particular person, your sacral chakra might turn into blocked.

Rising up in an atmosphere that emphasizes sexual repression may additionally result in a blocked sacral chakra, in addition to experiences of sexual trauma.

How do you unblock your sacral chakra?

Unblocking your sacral chakra entails getting the energies of the inventive, sexual, and emotional self flowing once more. It additionally entails feeling at house in your physique.

Some practices for unblocking the sacral chakra embrace meditation and yoga, affirmation, and self-reflection. For extra particular practices, see the “Methods to steadiness and heal the sacral chakra” above.

What are the signs of a blocked sacral chakra?

Signs of a blocked sacral chakra can embrace:

  • detachment
  • isolation
  • nervousness
  • loneliness
  • low libido
  • lack of inventive inspiration

What meals are good for the sacral chakra?

Though there’s no scientific proof to again it up, meals usually thought of good for reproductive well being are believed to assist steadiness the sacral chakra, whether or not you’ve gotten a vagina or a penis.

Meals which are symbolically related to fertility, sexuality, and creativity may additionally assist steadiness the sacral chakra, in addition to meals associated to the water aspect.

Meals with conventional associations to the sacral chakra, fertility, and creativity embrace:

  • seeds
  • eggs
  • many-seeded meals, like pomegranates, figs, or papaya
  • vulvic or phallic meals
  • sensual or luxurious meals
  • aphrodisiacs

Luxurious and sensual scents and important oils might assist as properly.

How do I do know if my chakra is out of steadiness?

You’ll know your sacral chakra is out of steadiness in case your feelings really feel unbalanced or off-kilter. Chances are you’ll really feel indifferent or numb to your emotions in addition to these of others. Different indicators embrace:

  • feeling creatively or sexually impotent
  • feeling unsafe or uncomfortable in your physique
  • incapability to attach emotionally or sexually
  • feeling “secretive” or afraid of intimacy
  • having frequent nightmares or not remembering goals

The sacral chakra is believed to be the second chakra within the human physique. It’s thought to manipulate the way you expertise sexuality, inventive expression, feelings, and extra.

In response to most traditions, it could actually turn into blocked and unbalanced, as can the opposite chakras within the physique.

There are numerous complementary therapies that purpose to heal and steadiness the sacral chakra, together with meditation, affirmations, and dealing with important oils and crystals.

Whereas none of those practices or the existence of chakras themselves are supported by science, they’re usually thought of protected as a complement to a wholesome way of life and medical care.

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