Painful Urination (Dysuria): Causes, Treatments, and More

Painful urination (dysuria) is a broad time period that describes discomfort throughout urination. This ache might originate within the bladder, urethra, or perineum. The urethra is the tube that carries urine exterior of your physique.

In these with a penis, the world between the scrotum and the anus is called the perineum. In these with a vagina, the perineum is the world between the anus and the opening of the vagina.

Painful urination is quite common. Ache, burning, or stinging can point out quite a few medical circumstances.

Urinary tract infections

Painful urination is a typical signal of a urinary tract an infection (UTI). A UTI may be the results of a bacterial an infection. It may also be resulting from irritation of the urinary tract.

The urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys make up your urinary tract. The ureters are tubes that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Irritation in any of those organs could cause ache throughout urination.

Folks with a vagina usually tend to develop UTIs than folks with a penis. It’s because the urethra is shorter in these with a vagina. A shorter urethra implies that micro organism have a shorter distance to journey to succeed in the bladder.

People who find themselves pregnant or menopausal even have an elevated danger of creating urinary tract infections.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

You might also expertise ache when urinating you probably have acquired a sexually transmitted an infection (STI). Some STIs which will trigger painful urination embody genital herpes, gonorrhea, and chlamydia.

It’s vital to be screened for STIs, particularly as a result of they don’t at all times have signs. Many people who find themselves sexually energetic ought to get examined for STIs.


Different medical circumstances could cause painful urination. Folks with a prostate might expertise painful urination resulting from prostatitis. This situation is the irritation of the prostate gland. It’s a major reason for urinary burning, stinging, and discomfort.


One other reason for painful urination is cystitis or the irritation of the bladder’s lining. Interstitial cystitis (IC) is also called painful bladder syndrome. It’s the commonest kind of cystitis. Signs of IC embody ache and tenderness within the bladder and pelvic area.

In some instances, radiation remedy could cause bladder and urinary ache. This situation is called radiation cystitis.


Urethritis signifies that the urethra has turn into infected, normally resulting from an an infection by micro organism. Urethritis typically causes ache whereas urinating and may trigger an elevated urge to urinate.


Painful urination may also be brought on by epididymitis, or irritation of the epididymis in these with a penis. The epididymis is positioned behind the testicles and shops and strikes sperm from the testes.

Pelvic inflammatory illness (PID)

PID can have an effect on the fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and uterus. It could possibly trigger ache within the stomach, painful intercourse, and painful urination, amongst different signs.

PID is a critical an infection that’s normally brought on by an preliminary bacterial an infection within the vagina that then strikes into the reproductive organs.

Obstructive uropathy

Obstructive uropathy is when an obstruction within the ureter, bladder, or urethra causes urine to move again into the kidneys. Causes differ, but it surely’s vital to hunt medical assist when signs happen.

One other situation, urethral stricture, could cause narrowing within the urethra, inflicting related points with urination and ache.

Kidney stones

You might have issue urinating comfortably you probably have kidney stones. Kidney stones are plenty of hardened materials positioned within the urinary tract.


Sure medicines, resembling these for most cancers remedies and a few antibiotics, can have painful urination as a aspect impact. Speak to your healthcare supplier about any uncomfortable side effects to medicines it’s possible you’ll be taking.

Hygiene merchandise

Typically painful urination isn’t resulting from an an infection. It may also be brought on by merchandise that you simply use within the genital areas. Soaps, lotions, and bubble baths can irritate vaginal tissues particularly.

Dyes in laundry detergents and different toiletry merchandise may trigger irritation and result in painful urination.

Figuring out the reason for the ache would be the first step earlier than remedy.

Your physician might prescribe treatment to deal with painful urination. Antibiotics can deal with UTIs, some bacterial infections, and a few STIs. Your physician might also provide you with treatment to calm your irritated bladPainful urination resulting from a bacterial an infection normally improves pretty rapidly after you begin taking treatment. At all times take the treatment precisely as your physician prescribes.

Ache related to some infections, resembling interstitial cystitis, could also be more difficult to deal with. Outcomes from drug remedy could also be slower. You might have to take treatment for as much as 4 months earlier than you begin to really feel higher.

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