The 6 Best Ways to Prevent (and Cure) a Hangover

From pounding complications to abdomen ache, fatigue, and irritability, many people are all too aware of the lengthy checklist of hangover signs that usually comply with an evening of heavy consuming.

Though there’s no scarcity of purported hangover cures — equivalent to chugging a glass of pickle juice or rubbing a lemon in your armpit earlier than consuming — just a few are backed by science.

Thankfully, there are a number of methods to alleviate signs of a hangover, in addition to steps you possibly can take to stop or restrict it.

This text appears to be like at 6 simple, evidence-based methods to stop or relieve a hangover.

1. Keep away from drinks with congeners

By the method of ethanol fermentation, sugars are transformed into carbon dioxide and ethanol, also called alcohol.

Congeners are poisonous chemical byproducts which are additionally shaped in small quantities throughout this course of. Completely different alcoholic drinks include various quantities (1).

Some research have discovered that consuming drinks excessive in congeners may enhance the frequency and severity of hangovers. Congeners may sluggish the metabolism of alcohol, which may delay your signs (1).

Drinks which are low in congeners embody vodka, gin, and rum (1).

In the meantime, tequila, whiskey, and cognac are all excessive in congeners, with bourbon whiskey containing probably the most (1).

In a single older examine, 95 younger adults drank sufficient vodka or bourbon to achieve a breath alcohol focus of 0.11%. These consuming excessive congener bourbon skilled worse hangovers than these consuming low congener vodka (2).

In response to one other small examine in eight folks, greater charges of alcohol elimination might be related to decreased hangover severity. In different phrases, the sooner your physique can course of the alcohol you drink, the less hangover signs it’s possible you’ll expertise (3).

Selecting drinks which are low in congeners may assist velocity up the metabolism of alcohol and subsequently scale back the incidence and severity of hangovers. Nevertheless, more moderen, top quality research are nonetheless wanted.


Selecting drinks which are low in congeners, equivalent to vodka, gin, and rum, may lower the severity and frequency of hangovers, however extra analysis is required.

2. Keep hydrated

Consuming alcohol can result in dehydration in just a few alternative ways.

First, alcohol has a diuretic impact, that means that it will increase the manufacturing of urine. This could result in the lack of fluids and electrolytes that your physique wants to be able to perform correctly (4, 5).

Second, consuming extreme quantities of alcohol can result in vomiting and diarrhea, inflicting additional lack of fluids and electrolytes (6).

Though dehydration just isn’t the one reason behind a hangover, it contributes to many widespread hangover signs, together with elevated thirst, fatigue, headache, and dizziness (7).

As such, growing your water consumption might alleviate some signs of hangovers — or probably even stop them altogether.

When consuming alcohol, a very good rule is to alternate between a glass of water and an alcoholic drink. Although this received’t essentially stop dehydration, it may possibly show you how to average your alcohol consumption.

Keep hydrated all through the next day by consuming water everytime you really feel thirsty.


Consuming alcohol could cause dehydration, which can worsen sure hangover signs. Staying hydrated may scale back hangover signs equivalent to thirst, fatigue, headache, and dizziness.

3. Get loads of sleep

Alcohol could cause sleep disturbances and could also be related to decreased sleep high quality and period for some folks (8).

Although low to average quantities of alcohol might initially promote sleep, research present that greater quantities and power use can disrupt sleep patterns (9).

Whereas an absence of sleep doesn’t trigger a hangover, it may possibly make one worse. Signs equivalent to fatigue, complications, and irritability can turn into worse because of an absence of sleep (10).

Getting a very good evening’s sleep and permitting your physique to get well might alleviate your signs and make a hangover extra bearable.


Alcohol consumption might intrude along with your sleep. A scarcity of sleep may then contribute to hangover signs equivalent to fatigue, irritability, and complications.

4. Eat a very good breakfast

Consuming a hearty breakfast is without doubt one of the most well-known treatments for a hangover.

One motive is {that a} good breakfast will help you keep regular blood sugar ranges. Though low blood sugar ranges usually are not essentially the reason for a hangover, they’re usually related to it (1).

Low blood sugar may additionally worsen sure hangover signs, together with nausea, fatigue, and weak point (11).

In actual fact, some analysis means that sustaining ample blood sugar ranges may mitigate a number of the bodily adjustments that happen with alcohol consumption, such because the buildup of acid within the blood (12).

Extreme consuming can throw off the steadiness of the chemical substances in your blood and trigger metabolic acidosis, which is characterised by elevated acidity. It’s usually related to signs equivalent to nausea, vomiting, and fatigue (13).

Along with serving to scale back sure hangover signs, consuming a wholesome breakfast can present necessary nutritional vitamins and minerals which will turn into depleted with extreme alcohol consumption.

Although research evaluating the results of particular meals on hangover signs are restricted, some research counsel that L-cysteine — a sort of amino acid present in eggs, yogurt, and oats — could also be helpful (14).

Consuming extra zinc-rich meals — equivalent to nuts, seeds, eggs, dairy merchandise, and complete grains — may be related to decreased hangover severity (12).


Consuming a very good breakfast will help keep your blood sugar ranges, present necessary nutritional vitamins and minerals, and scale back the signs of a hangover.

5. Attempt sure dietary supplements

Although analysis is restricted, some research counsel that sure dietary supplements may ease a hangover.

The next dietary supplements have been researched for his or her capacity to cut back hangover signs:

  • Purple ginseng. One older examine discovered that supplementing with crimson ginseng diminished blood alcohol ranges and hangover severity (15).
  • Prickly pear. Some analysis means that one of these cactus may assist deal with hangovers. A 2004 examine discovered that prickly pear extract decreased hangover signs. It even halved the chance of experiencing extreme signs (16).
  • Ginger. An older examine discovered {that a} ginger, brown sugar, and tangerine extract improved sure hangover signs. In response to test-tube and animal research, compounds present in ginger may defend towards alcohol-induced liver injury (17, 18, 19).
  • Borage oil. One examine discovered {that a} complement containing each prickly pear and borage oil, an oil derived from the seeds of starflower, diminished hangover signs in 88% of individuals (20).
  • Eleuthero. One examine discovered that supplementing with eleuthero extract — also called Siberian ginseng — alleviated a number of hangover signs and decreased the general severity (21).

Take into account, although, that analysis in people is missing and that the majority accessible research are outdated. Subsequently, additional research are wanted to guage how successfully dietary supplements might scale back hangover signs.


Some dietary supplements, together with crimson ginseng, prickly pear, ginger, borage oil, and eleuthero, have been studied for his or her capacity to lower hangover signs. Nonetheless, extra analysis is required.

6. Take a ache reliever

Over-the-counter ache medicines, together with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs), may assist relieve sure signs related to hangovers.

In actual fact, NSAIDs equivalent to ibuprofen and aspirin are sometimes used to cut back ache and deal with points that incessantly accompany hangovers, equivalent to complications and muscle aches (22).

What’s extra, one small examine discovered {that a} treatment made with a sort of NSAID known as naproxen and a sort of antihistamine known as fexofenadine considerably diminished hangover severity in contrast with placebo (23).

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t use these medicines in the event you’re experiencing signs equivalent to nausea or abdomen ache, as a result of they might irritate your digestive system and worsen your signs (24).

Moreover, remember the fact that ache relievers containing acetaminophen, equivalent to Tylenol, may enhance the chance of liver injury when mixed with alcohol. Don’t use these to deal with a hangover (25).


NSAIDs might assist deal with sure hangover signs and will scale back the severity. Nevertheless, by no means use acetaminophen to deal with a hangover, and keep away from NSAIDs in the event you’re experiencing digestive signs equivalent to nausea or abdomen ache.

Whereas there are a lot of well-known hangover cures on the market, few are backed by science.

Nonetheless, there are a number of evidence-based methods to keep away from or restrict the disagreeable signs that usually comply with an evening of consuming.

Methods embody staying hydrated, getting loads of sleep, consuming a very good breakfast, consuming carefully, limiting excessive congener drinks, and taking sure dietary supplements or medicines.

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